Weed & Brush Abatement

In Saratoga, there are two programs that help protect Saratoga from wildfire by reducing potential fuel, like weeds and brush. These programs are the Weed Abatement Program managed by Santa Clara Department of Agriculture and the Brush Abatement Program (Wildland Urban Interface Preparedness Inspection) managed by the Santa Clara County Fire Department.

2017 Weed Abatement Process

At the January 18, 2017 and March 15, 2017, Saratoga City Council meetings, a number of property owners on the Weed Abatement Program list raised concerns about the program. The concerns raised included inadequate noticing and communications for the program, a desire to more closely align the Weed Abatement and Brush Abatement Programs, make the public nuisance declaration process for Weed Abatement fairer, and make fees and bills clearer and more transparent.

As a result, the City Council amended the 2017 Weed Abatement schedule authorized several process changes for this year and directed City staff to develop a new Weed Abatement Program process for future years.

Letter to Property Owners

View a letter (PDF) sent to property owners in the Weed Abatement Inspection list that describes the 2017 inspection and abatement process and includes several key dates you should know about. Please read it carefully.

Resources & Information


Weed Abatement Program

  • Initial Inspection Fee - $60: Charged annually to all properties in the program. The fee recovers costs associated with data entry, file preparation, noticing, boundary determination, and overhead.
  • Failed Second Inspection Fee - $485: Charged for properties that fail the second inspection their first year in the program or the annual compliance inspection, if the property is already in the program.

Weed Abatement & Brush Abatement Program

  • Contract Work Fee - $434: Charged to properties if weed/brush removal is done by the County’s contractor. This fee is in addition to the costs to remove weeds/brush.
  • County Contractor Weed Abatement Work: Prices vary depending on work type, which includes disc work, handwork, flail mowing, loader work, dump truck, brush work, debris removal, and dump fee.