Plan Submittal Requirements


                                             PLAN SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS

Building Department:
Building Department hours are Monday – Thursday – 8:00am to 12:00pm and l:00pm to 5:00pm.
(408) 868-1201. (We are closed every Friday)

Plan submittals do not require an appointment. Incomplete plans will not be accepted.

FOUR SETS of plans to include: (Signed by designer/architect and structural engineer when applicable
Plans need to be 24 x 36 min.) 

    • Plot Plan/Site Plan (first sheet): Show the location of all structures on the property with accompanying 
         measurements to property lines;  show all easements and setbacks; include title block with parcel number
         and owner’s name. In most cases,
         the site plan must be signed/stamped by a California Licensed Land Surveyor. 

    • Foundation Plan: Show the dimensions and details of all foundation work including piers and reinforcing steel. 

    • Floor Plan: Show all rooms, doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing, electrical and heating appliances and fixtures. 

    • Elevations: Clearly delineate the exterior of the project to include doors, windows,
         roof and wall coverings, pad elevations and overall height. 

    • Sections: Detailed sections shall indicate structural components, connections, 
        species and grade of framing members, etc. 

    • Title 24/Energy Compliance Forms: CF and MF energy documents must be printed 
        or sticky-backed on the construction plans. Additionally,  insulation R- values and appliance efficiency
         shall be indicated on the plans.

TWO SETS of the following documentation: (When applicable) 

    • Structural Calculations (signed and stamped by a Registered Civil Engineer). 

    • Title 24 Energy Documentation. 

    • Geotechnical/Soil Reports. (Required for all new buildings, 2nd floor and basement additions 
        or any project with an unconventional foundation design.)

The turn-around-time for plan review varies depending on construction activity during the year.
Generally, the initial plan review takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Some projects may be routed to a third party plan checker.