Plan Submittal Requirements


                                             PLAN SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS

Building Department:
Building Department hours are Monday – Thursday – 8:00am to 12:00pm and l:00pm to 5:00pm.
(408) 868-1201. (We are closed every Friday)

Plan submittals do not require an appointment. Incomplete plans will not be accepted.

FOUR SETS of plans to include: (Signed by designer/architect and structural engineer when applicable
Plans need to be 24 x 36 min.) 

    • Plot Plan/Site Plan (first sheet): Show the location of all structures on the property with accompanying 
         measurements to property lines;  show all easements and setbacks; include title block with parcel number
         and owner’s name. In most cases,
         the site plan must be signed/stamped by a California Licensed Land Surveyor. 

    • Foundation Plan: Show the dimensions and details of all foundation work including piers and reinforcing steel. 

    • Floor Plan: Show all rooms, doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing, electrical and heating appliances and fixtures. 

    • Elevations: Clearly delineate the exterior of the project to include doors, windows,
         roof and wall coverings, pad elevations and overall height. 

    • Sections: Detailed sections shall indicate structural components, connections, 
        species and grade of framing members, etc. 

    • Title 24/Energy Compliance Forms: CF and MF energy documents must be printed 
        or sticky-backed on the construction plans. Additionally,  insulation R- values and appliance efficiency
         shall be indicated on the plans.

TWO SETS of the following documentation: (When applicable) 

    • Structural Calculations (signed and stamped by a Registered Civil Engineer). 

    • Title 24 Energy Documentation. 

    • Geotechnical/Soil Reports. (Required for all new buildings, 2nd floor and basement additions 
        or any project with an unconventional foundation design and projects, including swimming pools, that require geological clearance from Public Works
        and/or are located in a geologically sensitive area).

The turn-around-time for plan review varies depending on construction activity during the year.
Generally, the initial plan review takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Some projects may be routed to a third party plan checker.