Code Enforcement

The City of Saratoga recognizes that its residents desire to have provisions of the City Code be enforced.
To enable citizen participation, the City has in place a system whereby residents may make complaints of alleged Code Violations.

No anonymous complaints are accepted.

Forms and Policies

Contact info

Code Enforcement Complaint Form 408.868.1214
Code Enforcement Policy Resolution 408.868.1214

Email Code Enforcement

Municipal Code

Frequently used sections of the Municipal CodeĀ for code enforcement

Information about Noise Standards

Signage Information for Realtors
Download a summary of the City's temporary signage regulations, including where signs can be placed. The graphic below shows where temporary off-site signage may be placed in residential areas. Signs that have been placed in violation of City Code may be impounded. To retrieve signage, please stop by or call the Community Development Department during regular business hours.