Planning Division

The Planning Division is the first stop for property owners that are planning to remodel, rebuild, or construct a new building. The Planning Division can provide information about zoning regulations that may impact options for remodels or new construction. In doing this, the Planning Division helps ensure the City's development is done in line with the long-term vision outlined in the General Plan.

Trees at Kevin Moran Park



The City Arborist reviews applications for tree removal/pruning and provides recommendations for tree preservation throughout the City.        


Building Division

After the Planning process is complete, the Building Division helps ensure that remodels and construction is done in a safe manner through compliance with California Building Code. To that end, the Building Division issues building permits, conducts plan-checking, and on-site inspections.

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Code Compliance 

The Code Compliance program helps maintain a high quality of life and safety of the community through enforcement of the City Code.