Trails Advisory Committee

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Committee Profile

It is the mission of the Pedestrian, Equestrian, and Bicycle Trails Advisory Committee to advise the city regarding the planning, acquisition, and development of trails and sidewalks and to maintain the trails network to enhance the quality of life in Saratoga.

Schedule of Meetings in 2014:

  • January 21, 2014 at 4:00 the Administrative Conference Room at 13777 Fruitvale Av., regular PEBTAC meeting.
  • April 15,  2014 at 4:00 the Administrative Conference Room at 13777 Fruitvale Av., regular PEBTAC meeting.
  • July 2, 2014 at 6:00 the Administrative Conference Room at 13777 Fruitvale Avenue. This is a joint meeting with Saratoga City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • August 5, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room at 13777 Fruitvale Avenue. This is a special PEBTAC meeting to meet with the Santa Clara County Parks representatives and discuss Countywide Trails Prioritization and Gaps Analysis Project in relation to Saratoga existing and proposed trails. 
  • October 21, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room at 13777 Fruitvale Av., regular PEBTAC meeting.

    Pedestrian, Equestrian, and Bicycle Trails Advisory Committee Members:

    Jim Stallman, Chair
    Ray Cosyn, Citizen Advisor
    Marianne Swan, Citizen Advisor
    Ann Waltonsmith, Citizen Advisor

    Staff Liaison:

    Iveta Harvancik
    Senior Engineer
    Phone and fax: (408) 868-1274

    Trail-Related Proposed Capital Improvement Projects - CURRENTLY UNFUNDED:

    - Congress Springs Park North Side Entrance - Trail connecting residential neighborhood around Cox Avenue east of Highway 85 to north side of Congress Springs Park (see
    aerial overview of path route, similar examples of trails next to freeways and site pictures)
    - Via Regina Trail - Pedestrian-equestrian trail connecting Via Regina and Villa Oaks Lane
    - Saratoga Creek Trail - Trail along Saratoga Creek running the length of the Village
    - Joe's Trail at Saratoga de Anza - Develop trail from Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road to to Arroyo de Arguello
    - Village to Hakone Garden Trail - Trail along Big Basin Way from Village to Hakone Gardens

    Quarry Park Master Plan Development

    The City of Saratoga recently purchased 64-acre Quarry Property located on Highway 9 (Congress Springs Road) near the Historic Saratoga Village and Hakone Gardens. A community planning process to create a vision that will guide the development of the new Saratoga Quarry Park is currently in progress. Visit Quarry Park web page to learn more about the planning process. Take a virtual tour of the Quarry Property lead by Council Member Howard Miller.

    Trail Maps  Development of a city-wide trail system is a long process. Trail easements are acquired piece by piece and many years may pass until a continuous trail is constructed. Long-term plans for trail sytem and bicycle lanes in Saratoga are part of the General Plan including Existing and Proposed Trail Map and Existing and Planned Bicycle Facilities.

    Many trails have been developed over years and are available for pedestrians' and equestrians' enjoyment. Several individual trail maps for trails and pathways users are available for download or pick-up at City Hall.  Please refer to the trail map descriptions below or use the  
    City Trails Map to find the areas shown on the individual trail maps. Additional trails will be added to the trail maps as they are developed.

    Joe's Trail at Saratoga de Anza is the newest trail in Saratoga and the only one pedestrian and bicycle trail (class I bicycle facility).

    Heritage Loop Trail Map includes trails within triangle bordered by Saratoga Avenue, Saratoga-Los Gatos Road and Fruitvale Avenue

    Heritage Orchard Vicinity Trail Map includes trails within the Heritage Orchard and a short trail along Saratoga Creek

    Mount Eden Area Trail Map includes pedestrian-equestrian trails in the Mount Eden Road and Villa Oaks Lane vicinity 

    Parker Ranch Trails Map shows trail loop in Parker Ranch area connecting to Fremont Older Open Space (part of Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District trail system)

    San Marcos Open Space Trail Map includes trail loop through San Marcos Open Space

    Saratoga Village includes Wildwood Park, Blaney Plaza, Historical Park and Museum, and a public pedestrian access to Saratoga Creek

    Bike Through Saratoga's Past includes a bike route with stops at historic sites throughout the City (route created and provided by Saratoga Historical Foundation)

    Kevin Moran and Azule Parks Map shows trail loops through both parks and park amenities.

    Trail-related notices

    Re-introduction of Dogs On-leash Access at Sanborn County Park - notice