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Active Recruitments:

Photography Intern - Summer 2014

City Manager
The City of Saratoga is recruiting for a new City Manager. The recruitment is being conducted by Avery & Associates.  Please visit Avery & Associates or call (408)-399-4424 for more information.  

Q&A for applicants when the City is actively recruiting for a position(s):
Applicants are encouraged to apply on-line through CalOpps.org. The City has partnered with CalOpps.org to develop a true public sector job board so that you may be more informed of the most current job opportunities. The goal is to make it easy for you to search and apply for public agency employment opportunities. If applying on-line is not an option for you, hard copy applications are available in the Human Resources Division Office or you may call the office at (408)-868-1265 for an application to be mailed to you.

For additional questions and answers regarding the application process, please refer to the Human Resources FAQ's.

Thank you for considering the City of Saratoga for employment opportunities!