Street Sweeping Schedule

The City provides street sweeping twice a month for all roads, except in the Village, which is once a week.

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Map Day Time/Location
 Streetsweeping Key Map
Arterial 1   1st and 3rd Monday Start 5:00am on route Saratoga Ave. Medians Saratoga/Fruitvale before 7:00am OR after 10:00am Herriman Ave. after 9:00am
Arterial 2A  1st and 3rd Tuesday Start 5:00am on route Prospect - Saratoga Side Only - Include Center Lane - Both Sides: Creek to Johnson Big Basin Wy. at 6:00am Parking Lots after 6:00am
Arterial 2B Wednesday / Weekly
Residential 1  1st and 3rd Friday
Residential 2 1st and 3rd Monday 
Residential 3 1st and 3rd Wednesday
Residential 4  1st and 3rd Thursday 
2nd and 4th Friday
Residential 6 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Residential 7 2nd and 4th Thursday
Residential 8 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Residential 9 2nd and 4th Monday 
Residential 10  2nd and 4th Wednesday