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New Election Results Reporting System- Nov. 6th 2012

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters announced it will be introducing a new election result reporting system in the November 6 Presidential General Election. Features of the system include maps that show which precincts have reported and which are still outstanding. It will also generate detailed reports that give precinct-by-precinct breakdown of the results. Additionally, candidate names will remain in the same order, instead of being sorted based on the number of votes received. There will be bar graphs beside each candidate to make it easier to see who has received the largest percentage of votes.

Election results will be posted Tuesday night at and they will also be available through the Registrar's new SCCVOTE Mobile App, which can be downloaded free (for both Apple and Android).

Features of the Free Mobile App
- Find assigned polling location
- Read Voter Guide
- View sample ballot
- Check to see if you are registered to vote
- Track Vote by Mail ballot to make sure it is counted
- Look up districts and elected officials
- Track election results on Election Day
- Link to Mobile Map Information