The City of Saratoga provides services to it's residents primarily in the areas of planning and building , public works (streets and roads), and recreation services. The contact numbers for each of these services is listed below:

Phone Number
(408) 868-1222
(408) 868-1201
Maintenance Yard
(408) 868-1245
Recreation Services
(408) 868-1248
Administrative Services
(408) 868-1227
City Manager/City Council
(408) 868-1216
City Clerk
(408) 868-1269

*For more detailed information, please see the City of Saratoga Departmental Directory Information page.

Other Municipal Services

Emergency Number
Santa Clara County Fire
(408) 378-4010
Animal Control
(408) 794-7297
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
(408) 868-6600
Street Sweeping Schedule    


Unlike larger Cities, the City of Saratoga does not provide utility services directly to it's residents. To start or stop service or to report problems please refer to the phone numbers or web links listed below:

Phone AT&T
(800) 310-2355
Water San Jose Water
(408) 279-7900
Gas Pacific Gas and Electric
(800) 743-5000
Electricity Pacific Gas and Electric
(800) 743-5000
Sewer Cupertino Sanitation District

(408) 253-7071

  Cupertino Sanitation Dist. Emergency
(408) 299-2507
  West Valley Sanitation District
(408) 378-2407
CATV Comcast
(800) 945-2288
Solid Waste and Recycling West Valley Collection & Recycling
(408) 283-9250

Public Schools

Saratoga students are served by seven school districts in an around the City of Saratoga. Depending on where you live in the city, the public school your children attend may be located nearby, but outside the City limits. Please make inquiries to the appropriate school district. 6,208 students live in Saratoga served by 38 public schools and seven school districts. 863 students attend private schools located in the City and outside the City limits.

Public Schools located in the city:

Phone Number
Saratoga Union School District
(408) 867-3424
Argonaut Elementary
(408) 867-4773
Foothill Elementary
(408) 867-4036
Redwood Middle School
(408) 867-3042
Saratoga Elementary
(408) 867-3476
Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District
(408) 354-2520
Saratoga High School
(408) 867-3411

Cupertino Union School District

(408) 252-3000
Blue Hills
(408) 257-9282
Christa McAuliffe
(408) 253-4696
Campbell Union High School District
(408) 371-0960
Prospect High School
(408) 253-1662

Private Schools Located within the City:

St. Andrew’s Parish Day School
Sacred Heart Catholic School


The City of Saratoga built a 50,000 square foot library in 2003. It is operated by the Santa Clara County Library District. It features a large adult section, a periodicals section and a 16,000 square foot children/youth section. There is a Chinese language section as well. There are numerous computers with internet connections at the library and music CD's and DVD's for listening and viewing.

Contact the Library:

Santa Clara County Library System
(408) 293-2326
Saratoga Library
(408) 867-6126


Post Office (800) 275-8777

Senior Center (408) 868-1257

Adult Care (408) 868-1262