Event Permits

The City of Saratoga offers Special Event, Block Party, and Noise Exception permits to ensure streamlined and customer-friendly processes for event coordinators. 

Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits are required for block parties, parades, foot races, and festivals that close any sidewalk or street to regular traffic, as well as any events that occur in parking districts that are owned and operated by the City. 

The Special Event Permit Application must be submitted to the Community Development Department no later than 40 days before to the event. The cost of the permit is $300. The fee is waived for block parties and for temporary outdoor dining in City-owned parking districts.

Block Party Permits

Block parties are a great way to meet neighbors, build community, and reinforce Neighborhood Watch. A block party includes gatherings organized by residents living on a particular street or area where the event is taking place, is intended to be a neighborhood gathering, is expected to have an attendance of 100 people or less, and is not advertised to the general public. There is no fee or insurance requirement for Block Party Permits.

To apply, complete the online application that includes a map of the block party location and completed Block Party Permit Signature Form a minimum of two weeks before your event.

The Block Party Signature Form should be signed by the residents who will be impacted by the street closure, indicating that they have been notified of the proposed closure. Please make three attempts to acquire a signature. If you cannot obtain a signature after three attempts, note the address, leave a flyer, and submit the flyer to the City of Saratoga. The flyer should include the date, time, and organizer contact information.

Applications can be submitted electronically via the website or email to the City Manager’s Office. 

Barricades and signage are available from the City for your block party. Please provide at least two weeks notice if you would like to borrow barricades and/or signage.

Noise Exception Permits

A Noise Exception Permit may be obtained for certain special activities and events depending on the level of noise anticipated and in accordance with the City’s current Noise Ordinance, Chapter 7, Article 7-30.090. Noise Exception Permits cost $50 per event. A completed application and check should be dropped off at least 30 days before the event date at the Community Development Department at Saratoga City Hall, located at 13777 Fruitvale Avenue.