Median Banner Program

The City of Saratoga owns and maintains medians in City streets. The City uses seven locations in these medians to display banners. When median banner locations are not being used by the City, private banners can be displayed to promote community events.

Application Process

Event organizers can submit a median banner application to advertise non-commercial events at any or all of the seven identified locations when available. Applications must be submitted to the City Manager's Office no earlier than 180 days or no later than 10 days before the proposed installation date. There is a $30 charge per location, and payment must be received with the application. Please make checks payable to the City of Saratoga. 

Applicants must also include a copy of the banner design with their application. All applications are pending approval. Do not have banners printed until the design, installation dates, and number of locations have been approved.

Median Banners


All banners placed in City medians should beautify City streets and promote community identity and civic pride. Median banners must announce an event that:

  • Will be held in Saratoga
  • Is open to the public
  • Uses any funds generated by the event organizer only for cost recovery and use by, or donation to, a non-profit
  • Does not promote the sale of a good, service, or commodity except as incidental to promoting community identity and civic pride


All applications must include a copy of the banner design with the border of the banner clearly marked. The City reserves the right to reject banner designs if they are not readable by drivers from a distance. If printed banners do not match the approved design, they will not be installed.

To make the most of your banners, the City recommends following these design guidelines:

  • Use fonts that are large, bold, clear, and readable
  • Choose contrasting colors
  • Fill the width and height of your banner
  • Keep your message simple and provide only necessary information (event name, date, time, and website for more information)

Examples of successful City banner designs:


Banners may be placed in some or all of these locations when available:

  • Location 1: Intersection of Fruitvale Avenue and Allendale Avenue
  • Location 2: Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road near Arbeleche Lane
  • Location 3: Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road near Prospect Road
  • Location 4: Prospect Road and Highway 85 (near Plumas Drive)
  • Location 5: Saratoga Avenue near Westview Drive
  • Location 6: Saratoga Avenue near Highway 85 Intersection
  • Location 7: Intersection of Saratoga Avenue and Fruitvale Avenue

View a map of median banner locations (PDF)

Median Banner Availability