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市政府已經啓動下一次總體規劃新建住房比例分配的更新程序!按照規定, 加 州城市每八年一次更新其新建住房比例分配, 基於不同收入的家庭所需要的住 房進行預測規劃。2023 年至2031 年期間, 薩拉托加市可能需要規劃1700 多 套新住宅。在這一程序中作出的決定可能導致薩拉托加市的重大變化。

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As part of an effort to make the City of Saratoga’s communications more accessible and inclusive, three key City publications have been translated into Chinese, the second most common language used in Saratoga households. So far, these materials include a Back to School information sheet, a general City fact sheet, and The Saratogan, which is the City’s annual newsletter. Additionally, the Saratoga Source monthly newsletter is now available in Chinese.