Nuts About Saratoga

Six bronze acorns have been hidden throughout the City! Put on your walking shoes, use the clues, and find them all. You can also download and print a copy of the clues to take on your adventure. 

Civic Center – Tree 
Saratoga is a City of trees, and the acorn does not fall far from this one! I am l-oak-ated just outside of the Civic Theater. 

Go nuts finding your next great read here! Don’t leaf without greeting me near the front door. 

The Village – 3rd and Big Basin 
I’m nuts about the Village! Three blocks down from the mains-tree-t is where you’ll find me. 

The Village – 3rd & Big Basin 
Stroll across the street where pedes-tree-ans rest their feet. 

The Village – 4th and Big Basin 
Find me be-4 you get to 5th Street on a bench seat. 

The Village – 4th and Big Basin 
Across the way and around the acorn-er, you will find me near the fire hydrant.