ARPA Funded Improvements

The City will be receiving a total of $7,213,239 in American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) funds that will be used for five stormwater management projects to improve the City’s aging stormwater and sanitary sewer infrastructure. The largest portion of ARPA funds will be used to rehabilitate the Village parking districts.  

Project Details  

ARPA funds will be used for the following five projects: 

1. Village Parking District Improvements: $5,911,239

This project will fund improvements to the City’s storm drain collection and treatment systems in all Village Parking Districts to improve the quality of water discharged to Saratoga Creek. Key elements include replacing existing trash enclosures with covered trash enclosures and relocating them to more central locations away from the creek edge; placing ADA parking stalls throughout the District to provide the shortest and most direct path to a pedestrian entrance of the parking lot; installing a stormwater collection and treatment system that will include flow through planters, bioswales, and separator units; adding a separator to capture sediment and retention while also removing trash and debris from stormwater runoff; upgrading the parking lot lights; and, installing 5 electric vehicle chargers.  


June 2022Begin design
May 2024Begin construction
June 2025Complete construction

2. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program Compliance: $150,000

This project will fund installation of a new tractor wash area and improvements to the trash collection area, including new shelters and connections to the sanitary sewer system, at the City's Corporation Yard. 


December 2022Begin construction
April 2023Complete construction

3. Prospect Road Green Infrastructure: $370,000

This project will fund replacement of the concrete curb and gutter with bioswale that will filtrate runoff water from Prospect Road in front of the Prospect Center.


April 2023Begin construction
March 2024Complete construction

4. Park Sewer Lateral Replacements and Upgrades: $300,000

This project will fund upgrades to fixtures in the City's park restrooms. This will further increase City water conservation while also addressing the increasing cost of maintaining aging sewer laterals and lines needing replacement. 


May 2022Begin construction
June 2026Complete construction

5. Storm Drain Master Plan: $482,000

This project will fund updates to the Stormwater Infrastructure Master Plan by determining the condition, age, type, and accurate location of all storm drains, drain inlets, outfalls, and other storm drain facilities operated and maintained by the City. Most of the City’s stormwater infrastructure is between 50 and 100 years old. The Storm Drain Master Plan will provide a complete inventory of the City’s aging storm drainage infrastructure and a condition assessment. 


June 2022Begin design
May 2023Complete design

Cost & Funding Sources 

Total Project Cost: $7,213,329 

Funding Sources 

  • City Funds: None
  • American Rescue Plan Act Funds: $7,213,329