Good Neighbor Day

Good neighbors are the key to creating a vibrant and healthy community. In recognition of Good Neighbor Day on September 28, the City of Saratoga is challenging every resident to spend time with their neighbors during the month of September to build stronger neighborhoods! Use the ideas below to get started:

  • Say Hello: Take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself to your neighbors when you see them in passing.
  • Coffee Meeting: Invite your neighbors to meet in your driveway, enjoy a cup of coffee, and catch up on neighborhood news. Alternatively, you could invite neighbors to meet at the local coffee shop.
  • Pizza Party: Set a date to meet at a local pizza place with your neighbors and their families for lunch or dinner.
  • Food with a Story Potluck: Host a potluck in your backyard or a nearby park. Ask each neighbor to bring an item that is special to them and share the story behind the item they brought.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Create a new Neighborhood Watch group or connect with your existing group. Visit to learn more about how neighborhood watch builds community and prevents crime.
  • Public Safety Visit: Invite the Sheriff’s Office or County Fire to meet with your neighborhood in your driveway, backyard, or local park to share safety tips.
  • Food Drive: Collect donations from neighbors for the local food bank.
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale: Pick a date for a neighborhood-wide garage sale, invite neighbors to participate, and place an ad in the paper announcing the Neighborhood Garage Sale.
  • Block Party: Get a free Block Party permit from the City and bring the entire neighborhood together for a fun-filled event.
  • Cookie Exchange: Invite neighbors to a party to exchange their favorite homemade cookies. Make sure to tell everyone to bring copies of their recipe.
  • Lemonade Stand: Work with parents and children in your neighborhood to host a lemonade stand.