Quarry Park

Park Information


22000 Congress Springs Road
Saratoga, CA 95070


Open from dawn to dusk. 


Located just 2 miles west on Highway 9 from downtown Saratoga, the tranquil and picturesque 64-acre property is a natural haven from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. Saratoga Quarry Park is a portal to the past and a gateway to the Santa Cruz Mountains, as well as a place to explore, play, and learn. Explore the trails of this former quarry site to uncover a wealth of cultural and natural resources.


  • Hiking Trails


Amenities at this park are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


There were two active quarries on the site in the early 1900s. Both were converted from lime quarries into one gravel quarry after the purchase of the properties in 1908. In 1921, Santa Clara County bought the property and operated it as a rock and gravel quarry, which supplied the material for the county's roads. The County closed the quarry in 1967.

Following the 1967 closure, County employees used the site for recreational activities with their families and friends, with no public access. On their own time, they installed and maintained picnic tables, barbecue pits, and sitting areas. The site was used for parties, including an occasional wedding, until the late 1990s.

The City of Saratoga acquired the property in 2011 with a conservation easement and joint funding from the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District and Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department. The easement assures that the property will be retained as a natural scenic and open space area by restricting the property's use. A Master Plan (PDF) for the park was approved by the Saratoga City Council in 2014 and sets the stage for a unique local and regional destination that improves trail and open space connectivity.

On October 31, 2015 the City of Saratoga unveiled the 64-acre Saratoga Quarry Park to the public. Guests are able to hike into history as the park still shows remnants of its past as an operating quarry back in 1900s.

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