City of Saratoga Neighborhood Watch

Tips & Trends 

Saratoga has seen a slight increase in car break-ins in 2019 when compared to 2018. Help reduce opportunity for car break-ins by following these tips:

  • Always close windows and lock your vehicle, even when parked in the garage
  • Never leave items of value in plain sight, including bags, spare change, or paperwork
  • Place items of value in your trunk before arriving at your destination so thieves don’t see you moving valuables into your trunk
  • Park in well-lit, visible areas with pedestrian and vehicle traffic 

Winter Driver Safety

Rainy weather during winter months can increase risk of vehicle accidents. Stay safe while driving in the rain by turning on your headlights to improve visibility, no matter the time of day. Slow down to prevent hydroplaning. If you start to skid, avoid hard braking or sharp turns. Stay calm, ease off the accelerator, and gently steer in the direction you want to go. Never drive across flooded roads. Cars can be swept away by less than 2 feet of moving water.


Be Prepared, Not Scared

Register today for the January 2020 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy to learn how to prepare for and respond to disasters in your community. Saratoga CERT members play a vital role in the City’s emergency response by supporting the efforts of first responders and providing services to their community during and after a disaster. 

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