City of Saratoga Neighborhood Watch

Tips & Trends

In 2018, the most common crime committed in Saratoga was identity theft, forgery, and fraud. While there are many ways that criminals can commit this type of crime, there are a few basic tips you can follow to protect yourself.  

  1. Stay alert. Regularly check your credit and all open accounts. Consider subscribing to an identity theft monitoring service that flags potentially fraudulent withdrawals from your bank account.
  2. Take a pause. Take a minute to verify the legitimacy of requests for sensitive information or payment, especially when receiving demands for immediate payment or requests for payment via wire transfer or gift card. Scammers will often impersonate a loved one or a government agency, threatening imprisonment or penalties if payment isn’t made immediately through a non-traditional payment method.
  3. Be cautious. Think twice before clicking a link or opening a file attached to an email. Links and files may contain malware that will weaken the security of your computer or device. Instead of clicking a link, find the web page through your own online search. If you’ve received an unexpected file via email, call the sender to confirm they sent the file.
  4. Report it. If you are a victim of identity theft, forgery, or fraud, immediately report it to 911. You can also report any phishing emails and text to the Federal Trade Commission. Reporting will help protect others from becoming a victim.

Fire Season is Coming

Saratoga hillsides may be lush and green with the recent winter rains, but in a few months that beautiful green will turn brown and become fuel for wildfires. Get ready for fire season by trimming weeds, removing dead vegetation, thinning brush, removing tree limbs that are low to the ground, creating defensible space near roads and structures, and replacing highly flammable plants with those that are more resistant to fire. And, don’t forget that the deadline to meet Weed Abatement Program requirements is April 15. For more information, visit 


Shout Out to Neighborhood Watch Leads!

Over the past few years, Saratoga has seen a notable growth in the Neighborhood Watch Program. The program has strengthened community connections while also helping reduce crime. The growth of the program wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the City’s Neighborhood Watch leads, who serve as the primary administrator for their respective groups. Thank you for being champions of Neighborhood Watch and building community in Saratoga!
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