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Firefighter Paramedic Dan Morino

Meet Firefighter Paramedic Dan Morino!

Dan Morino grew up wanting to be a firefighter. When he was young, he watched the television show “Emergency,” and he also vividly remembers a special experience he had with firefighters. One day, Dan saw a firefighter riding standing up on the back of a fire truck, as they used to do. The firefighter dropped his glove, so Dan picked it up and brought it home. Dan’s mom called the fire department, and when they came to retrieve the glove, they thanked Dan by pinning a badge on his shirt. This event stuck with him and may have even led to his twenty-plus year firefighting career.

Firefighter Morino was hired by the Saratoga Fire District as a volunteer in 1994 and received a full-time appointment in 1999. Since that time, he has worked at the Saratoga Fire Station, including twelve years as a paramedic. Firefighter Morino considers his crew to be his second family and Saratoga to be his home away from home. Every year, he looks forward to the annual Pancake Breakfast that helps raise funds for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

When asked if there is one experience that is particularly memorable, Firefighter Morino relays the story of helping to save a local teen who crashed his truck into a creek on Christmas Day in 2002. Every Christmas since, that boy (now an adult) and his family visit the station to thank him. Because of this and many other experiences, Firefighter Morino looks forward to continuing to serve the community of Saratoga.

Recycle Your Falling Leaves

Fall foliage is beautiful, but once the leaves fall off the trees, they can clog storm sewers and impact our waterways. To minimize the impact, please rake your leaves and do not sweep them onto the street. You can then dispose of leaves properly by putting them in your green waste bin – or try recycling them!

Try chopping up the leaves and using them in your flowers beds as mulch. You can even rake whole leaves into your vegetable garden and leave them there to compost over the winter season. In the spring, just mix them in with your soil.

The leaves will help reduce weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and add nutrients as they decompose. Make sure to remove any sticks or cones, and try to keep out any seeds.

Learn more about how to prevent stormwater pollution from the West Valley Clean Water Authority by visiting www.cleancreeks.org 

Coming Up

Saratoga-to-the-Sea Trail Groundbreaking Ceremony
November 13
3:00 p.m.
Quarry Park

Friendship Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
November 19
3:00 p.m.
Friendship Park

Holiday Tree Lighting
November 29
5:30 p.m.
Blaney Plaza

Visit www.saratoga.ca.us/events to learn about these events and more!

Nextdoor Digest

Personal Emergency Preparedness Class
The Santa Clara County Fire Department is offering a free three-hour class on how to prepare and be self-sufficient for days after a major disaster on November 14 at 6:00 p.m. in the Joan Pisani Community Center (19655 Allendale Avenue). Visit www.saratoga.ca.us/events for more information.

Apply to Serve Your Community
Saratoga is currently looking for residents to serve on the Heritage Preservation Commission and Traffic Safety Commission! Applications are due by November 20. Applicants must be Saratoga residents and registered voters. For more information, visit www.saratoga.ca.us/comvac

Check Out Time Travel Dance Photos!
Recently, a group of dancers dressed in the style of their favorite decade gathered at the Joan Pisani Community Center for a Time Travel Dance! The City of Saratoga has hosted these inclusive dances for teens with disabilities since 2017. Check out photos from the Time Travel Dance on the City’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CityofSaratoga

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Quick Tip from Captain Rich

Captain Rich Urena oversees the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office West Valley Division.

One of the best ways to stay safe during a disaster is to develop connections with your neighbors. Get to know them now, especially those who may need extra help during evacuations. Trade contact information, and review evacuation and communication plans.

For more information on safety and Saratoga Neighborhood Watch, visit www.saratoga.ca.us/stayingsafe

Ask Our Staff

Q: How do I dispose of medical waste in Saratoga?

A: It is a good idea to periodically go through your medicine cabinet to discard expired or leftover prescriptions. Only flush them if your prescription label specifically instructs you to do so. Households can now take advantage of MED-Project’s Mail-Back program with over a hundred locations across Santa Clara County.

In Saratoga, you can stop by Saratoga City Hall (13777 Fruitvale Avenue) to pick up a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope to mail in your medications. You can also ask for a sharps mail-back kit which includes a 1.4 quart sharps container and a pre-paid, pre-addressed return shipping box. Visit med-project.org to view a full list of participating locations in Saratoga.

You can also call your local pharmacy to see if they offer any take-back programs, or you can take advantage of the Santa Clara County Household Waste Program. Visit www.hhw.org to schedule an appointment for prescription drop-off.

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