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Azule Park

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  1. Entire Park Rental (optional)
  2. Horseshoe Pit (optional)
  3. Par Course
  4. Petanque Court (optional)
  5. Picnic Area with BBQ (optional)
  6. Playground
  7. Tennis Court (optional)
  8. Turf Area

This 4.3 acre park faces south on Goleta Avenue and backs to a portion of the state-owned transportation corridor. The west side is adjacent to the property of Blue Hills School and the east side adjacent to private residences. This neighborhood park does not have restroom facilities. It features 2 playground areas, 4 par course stations, and a turf area. There are 3 small picnic areas with BBQ, a horseshoe pit, and a tennis court that are reservable with advance reservations.