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Public Art Commission Application Form

  1. Public Art Commission Recruitment

    The City is now recruiting for the following position(s) for a new Public Art Commission. Applications must be submitted to the City Clerk by Tuesday, October 12, 2021


    • One (1) partial term, ending September 31, 2022
    • One (1) partial term ending September 31, 2023
    • One (1) partial term ending September 31, 2024
    • Two (2) full terms ending September 31, 2025


    • Must be a resident and registered voter in the City of Saratoga
    • Must submit a completed application form and supplemental questionnaire prior to the application deadline


    Following the application deadline, qualified applicants will be invited to interview with the City Council on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in the late afternoon/evening. Please note that interviews are recorded.

    About the Commission

    The Art Commission advises the City Council on matters related to public art. Regular meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of every other month at 6:30 p.m. Special meetings are also scheduled as needed. For additional information, visit 

    More Information

    For additional information about the application process, visit or contact City Clerk Britt Avrit at or 408.868.1294.  

    Commission members are subject to Conflict of Interest provisions by State law and Commissioners must file the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests within 30 days of taking the Oath of Office. The City Clerk will provide the link to file.

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