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Neighborhood Watch Registration Form

  1. About Your Neighborhood Watch Group
  2. Boundaries may not overlap with other existing Neighborhood Watch groups.
  3. Neighborhood Watch Lead Contact Information
    All groups must identify at least 1 Neighborhood Watch Lead. The Lead is responsible for overall administration of the Neighborhood Watch group, serves as the spokesperson for the group, and acts as a liaison between the neighborhood and other groups, such as the City and Sheriff's Office. The public can contact Neighborhood Watch leads through a comment form on the City website. Lead names and email addresses are not shared on the City website. Messages submitted using the form will be forwarded to the lead email address(es) provided on the registration form.
  4. Co-Leads & Other Neighborhood Watch Contacts
  5. Neighborhood Watch Communications
  6. Neighborhood Watch Orientation
  7. Demonstrated Engagement
  8. Signage
  9. Neighborhood Watch Gathering
    Neighborhood Watch groups are required to hold and report 1 gathering per calendar year to remain active. Groups must report their gathering before the end of December on the City's website at
  10. I understand the requirement to hold a Neighborhood Watch gathering once per year to remain registered.
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